Conserving Northern California's natural resources since 1957.
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Image of barge in the Sacramento River placing a juvenile salmonid deep water rearing structure.

Carr Fire Recovery

Information regarding the current WSRCD efforts to address erosion control in western Shasta County.

Image of Board of Directors President, Dennis Heiman.

The Western Shasta Resource Conservation District (WSRCD) is a special district of the State of California and is funded entirely by grants and contracts. The district encompasses approximately 1.7 million acres bounded on the east by the watershed divide between eastern and western Shasta County; the north by the Siskiyou County line; the west by the Trinity County line; and the south by the Tehama County line. The WSRCD was formed in 1957. Since then, the RCD has grown from a small volunteer organization to a highly successful conservation district that is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of western Shasta County's natural resources. The WSRCD is staffed by people that are focused and passionate about maintaining the balance between our natural resources and our everyday living.


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Image of Board member, Elizabeth Betancourt.
Image of Project Manager, Gary Lauben.

Kelli England,

Forewoman of Field Operations

Dennis Heiman,


Phil Schoefer,


Image of Board member, Phil Schoefer.

Photo slideshow of landscapes

Elizabeth Betancourt,


Western Shasta County Invasive Non-Native Plant Control Program

Download the Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Western Shasta County Invasive Non-Native Plant Control Program. The Appendix can be downloaded here. Closing date for review is March 20, 2019.

Image of existing pond at South Cypress Side Channel location.

The Western Shasta RCD Board of Directors meetings are on the fourth Monday each month at 5:30pm in the Western Shasta RCD office.

This month's agenda and previous minutes can be found here.


View the Enterprise System Catalog here.

Image of barge in the Sacramento River placing a juvenile salmonid deep water rearing structure.

Post Fire Recovery Resources

As our community begins the process of recovering and rebuilding from the Carr Fire, our local NRCS office has put together several useful guides to help you get started.  

Ross Perry,

Project Manager

Image of Project Manager, Harmony Gugino.

Chester Anderson,

District Manager 

Image of Conservation Programs Manager, Maureen Teubert.
Image of Project Manager, Harmony Gugino.

Analia Bertucci,

Project Manager