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Folks from around the world are learning about climate change, and are discovering ways to reduce their impact on the climate as well as ways to adapt to a changing climate. Information and links provided on this website are intended to provide background on the climate issue, California’s response to it, the latest news and opinions from around the world, and how the WSRCD is involved.

We especially hope that you’ll take a look at the forest and water climate adaptation plan for Shasta County the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District (WSRCD) was involved in developing. To view it online, please surf over to Forest-Water-Climate-Adaptation-Plan.


The plan is a valuable tool to help manage forest and water resources within the changing climate in an economically, socially and environmentally sound manner. The plan is not intended as a requirement, mandate or anything at all regulatory. The plan is intended to open conversation among stakeholders. It is a living document that will grow and be revised as stakeholders deem appropriate.


Our weather is something that impacts each of us on a daily basis - If you’re a farmer the amount of rain affects your crops. If you enjoy winter recreation you are affected by the amount of snow in the mountains.  The impacts associated with greenhouse gases and the potential impact on weather is well understood and documented.  A Climate of Opportunity, a locally produced documentary, engages the viewer in a discussion about local efforts by individuals, policy makers, businesses and foresters that have an impact on greenhouse gas emissions. To view it online click here or to request a screening, contact the WSRCD at 530.365.7332.

So you’ve seen the documentary A Climate of Opportunity? Now it’s time to discover your opportunities and take action!
Check out the information and links here on our site, and for more information visit:

Air Resources Board -
CA Climate Change Portal -
The Model Forest Policy Program –
Winrock International –

And most importantly, keep engaged in the conversation!

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to contact WSRCD Climate Stewardship Coordinator Leslie Bryan at, or 365-7332 ext 215 for more information.



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