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Chester Anderson, District Manager

Chester grew up in Southern Colorado skiing, kayaking, hiking, hunting and fishing. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Ecology and went on to receive a MS in aquatic ecology from Cornell University. He then started and managed an aquatic consulting company for 15 years that worked with landowners, states and tribes on water related conservation issues. He also developed and managed a non-profit educational farm based on the principles of integrated agriculture. From there he worked in the San Joaquin Valley as a Watershed Coordinator, primarily focusing his efforts on fisheries, water quality issues and irrigated lands. As District Manager of the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District he strives to develop and manage locally-led resource conservation issues that are priorities to the Shasta County residents.

Harmony Gugino, Project Manager

Harmony's interest in enviornmental stewardship began at a young age with a failed brine shrimp experiment and an allergic reaction to math that initially discouraged her from pursuing the hard sciences. But, she found other ways of contributing. Harmony has a B.S. in Urban/Regional Planning and Analysis from the State University of New York-Buffalo State College, where she was bitten by the field work bug participating in a water quality study in Southeast Asia. After college, Harmony spent 2 terms of national service with the Americorps Watershed Stewards Project, one season as a field crew leader with the Student Conservation Association, one season as a docent with Buffalo-Niagara Riverkeepers, 2.5 years as a Naturalist at Whiskeytown Environmental School, and 2.5 years as an environmental planner with a private consulting firm. Since joining WSRCD in 2014, Harmony has participated in multiple facets of the organization and is now very honored to be working on salmonid restoration projects along the Sacramento River as well as habitat mitigation projects throughout Shasta County. In her free time, Harmony enjoys road trips to the ocean, hiking, watching an unhealthy number of movies, setting up small-scale aquaponics experiments in her fish tanks, and trying to convince her family to move to California.

Harmony is assisted by Project Coordinators Veronica Orosz and Jan Raether.

Chester Anderson, District Manager


Gary Lauben, Project Manager

Gary has been with the RCD since 2014. He previously worked as a Hydrologic Technician with the Buereau of Reclamation for 3 years with an emphasis on water temperature in the Sacramento, Clear Creek, and the Trinity River watersheds. He worked as a Hydrologic Technician with the U.S. Geological Survey for 2 years with an emphasis on nutrient loading in the Potomac watershed. Previous to that, Gary worked with the Friends of the Shenandoah River sampling water quality, coordinating volunteers, and creating an interactive map to access their large internal database. He loves spending time outdoors and exploring the Northstate. Some of his favorite activities are mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, skiing, and travel. Gary is a long time member of the Nature Conservancy and has been a member of the Shasta Land Trust for several years. He holds a degree in Geophysics from Virginia Tech.

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