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Clover Creek/Millville Diversion Restoration (33-16a) 

Due to changes in the environmental condition of Clover Creek, water flow is lower in the creek and to the properties in Millville. The goal of this project is to provide for salmon and steelhead passage passed the Millville diversion dam in order to access upstream spawning and rearing habitat.


The project started in [2007?] and was completed in October 2016. This project is a partnership with the Millville Ditch Association, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, CA Department of Water Resources, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Cow Creek Watershed Management Group, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Project components include:

  • Construction of two fish ladders 
  • Replacement of an inverted siphon
  • Reinforcing the diversion dam
  • Gravel augmentation


Clover Creek Fish Screen (33-16b) 

In addition to the Millville diversion dam project in 33-16a, this project installed a fish screen in the structure. This project is a partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and will monitor fish populations through aquatic cameras attached to the fish ladder.

Completed project (Photo taken October 25, 2016)

Completed project at Clover Creek. Photo taken October 25, 2016

33-16b 2016-1026 kelli fish monitor

Project Coordinator, Kelli England, monitors fish and other wildlife using the fish ladder. Video was recorded by using aquatic cameras.

Photo taken October 26, 2016